Leadlight Craftsman
is one of the finest
makers of both


and Stained Glass in Australia.

Traditional &



Traditional techniques

for Stained Glass &

repair & restoration.

Leadlight manufacture,


Make your place
of Worship truly
Unique and Stunning

Leadlight Craftsman is one of the finest makers of both traditional and contemporary Leadlights & Stained Glass in Australia.

Churches and Schools

Bring your church windows to life with a renowned Leadlight and Stained Glass studio. Leadlight Craftsman brings to Brisbane a new standard of design and quality in Leadlights and Stained Glass creating a beautiful and unique place of worship or study.
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Leadlight Craftsman ensures that they reflect your individual style and complement your home. You will always be satisfied with the  customer service and the way Leadlight Craftsman caters to your ideas,  for a truly unique experience.
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Here at Leadlight Craftsman we are able to create a timeless design to suit individual styles and encourage clients input and ideas to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished piece, which will provide a focal point to any building with a timeless look.
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Having completed his apprenticeship in Wales in 1991, Julian has learnt the traditional techniques for Stained Glass and Leadlight manufacture, repair and restoration. From historic heritage listed buildings to damaged windows in your home, seamless repairs and restorations ensure that the original piece will always stay unique.
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